Mark Your Calendars

Come celebrate Teen Read Week with local author, Wendy Delsol.  She will be at Central Library on Monday, October 18th at 6:30 PM for an author talk and book signing.

Stork is the story of a teen girl named Katla who is uprooted from L.A. when her mom moves back to Norse Falls, Minnesota.  Katla prides herself on being fashion conscience and loves a good, albeit expensive, cup of coffee (Starbucks is coined “Fourbucks”), two things that are hard to come by in her current surroundings.  Norse Falls has a very strong Nordic heritage and that comes through vividly in this story.  There are elements of the supernatural blended in with the everyday real world of attending a new high school. 

As the title suggests, storks play a part in this teen book.  There is an ancient society of stork women who are charged with the task of placing souls.  Katla is quickly wrapped up in high school dilemmas, teen relationships, moving to a new place, and discovering an ancient society of storks!

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