Sarah Dessen

We all have our favorites – favorite foods, favorite colors, favorite subjects – the list goes on and on. As you can imagine, there’s one thing librarians are really good at talking about: their favorite authors. For me, I can still remember when I picked up my first book written by Sarah Dessen. I was amazed at how real the characters were, as if they were old friends.

To say that I get excited when she publishes a new book is an understatement. I was absolutely thrilled last week when her highly anticipated 10th novel was released, What Happened to Goodbye. If you are a fan of realistic fiction and are looking for some good reads this summer, check out what Sarah Dessen has to offer. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!  You can also check out her website at

2 thoughts on “Sarah Dessen

  1. Hi Sarah Dessen I’m Cody Livingston i go to Penn Manor High School and i also am in a book club and we picked you as one of our starting books and i would like you to email me again so we can talk some more

    • Hi Cody,
      Unfortunately, Sarah Dessen did not write this post. The Library Staff posted this to let teens know about her most recent book. If you would like to get in touch with Sarah Dessen, we suggest going to her blog: She lists some ways to contact her there. Good luck!

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