Pop Quiz

How well do you know:

  • Which football team is the only one mentioned in the whole Harry Potter series, and is supported by Dean Thomas?
  • In Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, we are told the child prodigy Artemis Fowl II can type which classic book in 20 minutes?
  • For her graduation, Jacob gives Bella a small wooden charm in the shape of a wolf. What charm does Edward give her?

The Guardian.Co.Uk has a lot of fun quizzes to take to see how well you know your teen lit. The above questions are from these quizzes: footballfictional villains; and Twlight.

Alas, I have read all of the Twilight books, but by their standards I am fated to remain human. What!? I only scored 7 out of 10. I know you Twilight fans can beat my score. Try it out and post a comment.

Remember, DMPL is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for the Labor Day weekend. See you all on Tuesday!

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