New Teen Mystery by John Feinstein

In the past six months, Susan Carol Anderson has grown an inch, gained fifteen pounds of muscle, and shaved more than ten seconds off her time in the 200-meter butterfly.

She’s gone from a good swimmer to a truly great swimmer. World Championships great. Olympics great!

And just as suddenly, agents and sponsors and publicists descend on her – all wanting to make Susan Carol the it-girl of the Games. America’s newest sweetheart. And – potentially – very, very rich. It’s thrilling and overwhelming and petrifying, all at the same time.

Susan Carol’s best friend (and boyfriend) and reporting partner, Stevie Thomas, watched it all with amazement. Usually, they cover sporting events together. Now he’s covering her. But along with the races, Stevie’s also watching the agents and sponsors racing around her – and he can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right. . .

In a sport where the difference between first and second place is measured in hundredths of a second – and hundreds of thousands of dollars – how far might anyone go to bring home the gold?

– From the book jacket

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