October is National Bullying Prevention Month

The End of Bullying Begins With Me: That’s the message during PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month in October. PACER’s campaign began in 2006 with a one week event that has now evolved into a month-long effort to encourage communities, schools, and individuals to raise awareness of bullying prevention.  Bullying can be stopped, but we must all take action. Here are ways you can take an active role in bullying prevention:

Be inspired: visit these sites to learn more about the effects of bullying & check out stories about bullied teens at the library

Do Something: Sign a petition, share your story, or join a Facebook campaign to show your support

Do Something Local: Sunday, October 21st @ 4:30 PM, Walk the Talk with others at Gray’s Lake in support of the 1st Annual Bully Prevention Walk.  

The event is coordinated through the ASK Resource Center and the Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa. Alex,  from the recent documentary “Bully”, and his mother will lead the walk. A donation of $5.00 or more per person is appreciated. 100% of the proceeds from the walk will benefit future bullying prevention efforts for families including statewide training and resources.

Don’t Be Just a Bystander:

If you are a witness to bullying, be more than just a bystander. There are simple, safe ways that teens can help stop bullying when they see it happen.

  • Spend time with the person being bullied. Simple gestures like talking to them or inviting them to your lunch table will show them that they are not alone.
  • Tell Someone-a trusted adult, like a parent, principal, or teacher may be able to intervene.
  • Don’t give bullying an audience. Do NOT encourage the behavior by laughing or standing around to watch.
  • Set a good example. Do not bully others.

What will you do to take a stand?

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