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Post your media reviews in a comment below to complete the DMPL Summer Reading  Challenge!

Tell us what you thought about music, events you attended and more! What did you enjoy most? Who else might like it?

If you are under the age of 13, have an adult email your review to Or, submit your written review at your local DMPL branch. We will post it for you!

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44 thoughts on “Media Reviews

  1. I listened to a Beethoven song. It was kinda interesting. It sounded like the song should be in a racing movie or something.

  2. I listened to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. I play it on the piano, but I think it sounds prettier with stringed instruments.

  3. I just listened to classical music it is very nice to listen to. It can be very calming. I listened to natural soothing sounds.

  4. I watched Game 7 of the NBA finals last night. The Miami Heat won. It’s their second championship and Lebron James is my favorite player and Dwyane Wade is my second favorite.

  5. I watched a hockey game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins. They are playing for the Stanley Cup championship. The Blackhawks won, and that makes me excited because I’m a Chicago fan. My aunt, uncle, and cousin live there, so we cheer for those teams too.

  6. I listened to part of Mythology by Celtic Thunder. It was Irish folk music. It was definitely something I would not listen to on a regular basis. It was unique and interesting. I thought it was kind of catchy and some of the slower songs were very calm. I’m glad I got to learn about a new type of music.

  7. I listened to Capriccio Italien by the composer Peter Tchaikovsky. It was amazing! the music really told a story. I could tell when it was happy and when it was sad. It made me feel like I was princess.

  8. I listened to Beethoven’s “Marcia alla Turca” on his Colours of the Orchestra CD. So, I wasn’t a fan of classical music before, and unfortunately I still do not like it. This music might be okay for someone else, just not me.

  9. On Sunday the 23rd I went to the track and field event. The events that I liked the best were the track, long jump, hurdling and pole vault events. I thought it was amazing how they just twisted their bodies so that they wouldn’t hit the pole. The woman that won the pole vault event beat the record last year and tried to beat that record by a centimeter more but she didn’t make it.

    For the long jump event I would love to be able to jump that far. And when the hurdling events started there was a big bang and it startled me. Everyone’s legs went up and then back down at the same time.

    But what I would most like to be able to do is the track event. There was this one girl and she was maybe 12 feet in front of everyone else but toward the end there was only two feet between her and a woman that was gaining on her quickly. But still she won. I told mom that I would love to be her.

  10. I watched a golf tournament called the Travelers Championship. It was an intense tournament, because two people tied. Ken Duke ended up winning, though.

  11. 2013 NBA Finals – It was a great game. The lead just kept going back and forth, from the Heat to the Spurs. Then in the fourth quarter, the Heat took the lead and kept it to the end. They won their 3rd franchise NBA finals.

  12. Review of Brahms: The Complete Symphonies

    I liked the classical music on this cd. Even though I generally listen to rock and other loud music, it was very exciting music to listen to.

  13. I listened to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven it was a calm song it sounds like a song you would play when you want to go to sleep.

  14. Live Sporting Event Review
    Game On Badge
    By Justeen Schoner, senior
    Des Moines Blaze
    At West Des Moines Valley Stadium
    Saturday, July 6th, 2013
    Annual Family Day Game
    The Des Moines Blaze faced the (Missouri) Sugar Creek Shockers this past Saturday. This game was also their annual Family Day Game sponsored by the Easter Seals. The game featured clowns, balloon animals, a bouncy house, face painting, Game Truck, and semi-pro football action starting at 7 pm at Valley Stadium. The clowns continued making balloon animals through half time, and the bouncy house stayed up until the end of the game. As always, children 12 and under were free. Individuals wearing Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping t-shirts could also get in free.
    The Blaze went in undefeated across three seasons Saturday, and came out undefeated as well. In the first quarter, the Blaze made the first touchdown of the game, with in the first ten minutes. The field goal was good. They also scored the second touchdown in the last 20 seconds of the quarter. This field goal attempt was blocked. The Lady Blaze dancers performed at the end of the first quarter, when the score was 13-0, as well as at half time, when the score was 29-0.
    During the second quarter, the Blaze scored two more touchdowns, at 5:47 and 2:29, and the field goal attempts were good. The Blaze also scored a safety as well, at 1:30. During the third quarter, the Blaze scored a field goal at 11:15. During the fourth and final quarter, they scored another safety at 6:50.
    The Des Moines Blaze beat the Sugar Creek Shockers, 34-0.
    My brothers enjoyed the concessions, bouncy house, and having balloon swords, as well as watching my father coach the offensive live superbly, and playing all out as well.

  15. Aida Soundtrack, Italian opera
    Composed by Giuseppe Verdi
    Classical Music CD Review for Rhythm Master Badge
    Aida is a beautiful love story. I find it even more moving than Romeo and Juliet. I saw Aida at the Chicago Lyric opera house about a year ago. It was so wonderful. I was moved to tears several times, especially at the end. I saw the French opera of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo et Juliette, composed by Gounod, at the Des Moines Metro Opera in Indianola just this month. It was especially beautiful and moving as well, but I was only moved to tears once, at the beginning, in the cameo scene where the Capulet and Montague families discover their children and reconcile.
    I love the story and opera of Aida, and I made it a point to search out the soundtrack of the opera at Half Price Books so I could listen to it any time I wanted. The music that Verdi wrote for Aida is some of the best and most beautiful of the opera world.

  16. Name: Hollie Ramseyer
    Grade: 11
    CD Title: With All Due Respect the Irish sessions
    Artist: Young Dubliners
    What I thought: It was good, and pretty catchy. I really didn’t understand what they were trying to say, but the music made me want to dance! I’m sure I’ll be listening to more Irish music in the future!

  17. My name is Regan and I am in 6th Grade. I listened to “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. It reminds me of Christmas time and dancing in The Nutcracker.

  18. Regan – 6th Grade
    I went to an Iowa Cubs game with my family at Principal Park. It was fun watching baseball because I enjoy the game. I also got to ride the golf cart around the field and throw t-shirts into the crowd. It was a BLAST! I didn’t realize it, but I ended up throwing one into the dugout. It’s pretty hard to throw a t-shirt over a moving golf cart and into the crowd – I was on the passenger side. It was a good game and I had fun watching it.

  19. Review of Tae Kwon Do Event–
    My brother had to go and test to become a yellow belt. It was really cool. He had to learn about doing wou and perform chung ge. He had to learn about South Korea and sew on a badge to a uniform. In the middle he had to break a board. He did it on his first try. Now I realize he’s an awesome guy and super powerful. If you get to do something like that be amazed. I loved it!

  20. Volleyball Camp

    I went to volleyball camp at Roosevelt High School. I attended in June. The weather was warm but not as warm as July.

    The camp was lots of fun. I played hard and slept well at night. I learned many new skills and made new friends.

    Ellie H
    Merrill Middle School
    7th grader…in the fall.

  21. Erica- 7th grade
    South Des Moines Seahawks vs. Indianola Swim Meet
    This swim meet had some very good competition. There was a girl who went a 31 in her 50 fly!! I didn’t get any first places at this meet but that didn’t bother me because I got second places and I dropped time in my 100 free!

  22. Erica – 7th grade
    I listened to traditional music from machu picchu. The Incas have beautiful music played on traditional instruments such as the guitar, the flute, and drums. some of the music was very soothing while some of the songs were exhilarating and alive!

  23. Geoffrey sent in a review about a recent game!

    My name is Geoffrey and I am in 6th grade. I watched a football game. It was a Barnstormers game it was Barnstormers vs Pittsburg Power. The Barnstormers lost very bad they did not do good at all. I thought it was still a good game.

  24. Josh went to an I-Cubs game and here is his review!

    I went to the I Cubs game this friday and they won 3 to 0 against the Isotopes. Me and my mom thought they oversold the tickets because most people were standing. It was a friday and we got to see fireworks that is a reason my mom wanted to go. Me and my brother didnt get to see fireworks over the 4th because we were in wyoming with our dad and they don’t do fireworks because of the wild fires. I had alot of fun at the game, maybe you should go to one on friday night and see everything. sincerely Josh L

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